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Preview & Hosting

Deploy and host your Gatsby site. Set up content preview using Gatsby Cloud. Advanced routing configuration options.

 Main Guides 3

Gatsby Cloud

Gatsby Cloud is the Gatsby team's optimized platform for preview, building, deploying, and hosting Gatsby sites.

Path Prefix

Deploy to a Subpath of Your Domain (Path Prefix)

Asset Prefix

Deploy CSS and JS to a Separate Domain (Asset Prefix)

 Additional Guides 12

  • Caching
  • Deploying to AWS Amplify
  • Deploying to Azure Static Web Apps
  • Deploying to Firebase
  • Deploying to Github Pages
  • Deploying to GitLab Pages
  • Deploying to Heroku
  • Deploying to IIS
  • Deploying to Netlify
  • Deploying to S3 & CloudFront
  • Deploying to Vercel
  • Deploying to Other Services
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