New guide on keeping your smartphone safe

7th October 2013

Four organisations have joined forces to publish a simple guide for consumers on how to keep their smartphones safe. We recommend that you view and download the guide to share with family members and friends who have smartphones.

For information and advice about looking after your smartphone or tablet, click here

The use of smartphones has revolutionised how millions of us go online every day, but using them also carries some risks – as anyone who has suffered the loss or theft of their device will know only too well.

A phone falling into the wrong hands is a potential treasure trove of information for a fraudster, whilst downloading a rogue app could make it possible for criminals to hijack your phone without you even knowing you have a problem.

The new guide – jointly compiled by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), Ofcom, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and PhonepayPlus – covers such areas as guarding your phone, using PINs and passwords, recording serial numbers, security settings, backups, apps, antivirus software and other invaluable tips.

You can view and download the guide by clicking here.

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